About Us

We are located in the beautiful region of the Mornington Peninsula in the State of Victoria, Australia, and we build classical nylon string guitars, steel strings and custom amplified nylon string Crossover or hybrid guitars for steel string players. These crossover guitars are used for both stage and studio recording work. Our Crossovers are hand built and built like traditional Spanish guitars. We can and have built Crossovers to produce a sound that can be strung or electronically mixed to sound somewhere between nylon and steel as required by the musician. We also build steel strings guitars.

We teach guitar making using traditional building methods supplemented by the use of spectrum analyser for taptone response assessment. We have access to FEA research on bracing changes for optimizing specific bracing designs.

We have an online teaching/guidance service especially when building your own original bracing designs or looking for some guidance in replicating a master’s guitar sound.

Enquire using the messaging facility in CONTACT US in this website.


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